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GHDB – inurl:/dbg-wizard.php

Google dork Description: inurl:/dbg-wizard.php

Google search: inurl:/dbg-wizard.php

Submited: 2015-06-03

# Exploit Title: Nusphere PHP DBG wizard
# Date: 02-06-2015
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: any
# Exploit Author: Alfred Armstrong
# Contact:
# Website:

DBG Wizard is meant to be used with the DBG PHP debugger as an aid to
configuring it correctly. It is supplied as a PHP script […]

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GHDB – filetype:pcf vpn OR Group

Google dork Description: filetype:pcf vpn OR Group

Google search: filetype:pcf vpn OR Group

Submited: 2015-06-10

Google Dork: filetype:pcf vpn OR Group
Author: azupwnThis dork allows you to search for publicly accessible profile
configuration files (.pcf) used by VPN clients. These files typically
contain usernames, password, tunneling ports, VPN server information and
other information.



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GHDB – intitle:”index of” “fic” “ndx”

Google dork Description: intitle:”index of” “fic” “ndx”

Google search: intitle:”index of” “fic” “ndx”

Submited: 2015-06-10

# Exploit Title: intitle:”index of” “fic” “ndx”
# Google Dork: intitle:”index of” “fic” “ndx”
# Date: 10/06/2015
# Exploit Author: SphearisThis dork allows you to look for Hyperfile databases(.FIC) stored in the
open. You can simply read them in a text editor(You’ll see the header and
then the […]

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