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If you are someone who wants to use Kali Linux as your main operating system, the most common issue you face initially in lacking of a good browser. The default browser in Kali Linux is iceweasel which is a forked version of Firefox. To have a better browsing experience, you might want to install Chrome on Kali Linux.

Install Chrome on Kali Linux 2.0 Sana

Frst of all, download google chrome if you are running a 32 bit computer, then download 32 bit or if it is 64 bit then download the 64 bit file

after downloading, copy the file to your desktop. Now open terminal and navigate to desktop using,

cd Desktop

and then install the chrome with the command

dpkg -i filename

you can observe that the google chrome is not completely installed. we got the dependency issue, to solve it, let us run this following command

leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list

now add the following lines  and then save the file

Regular repositories deb kali main non-free contrib deb kali/updates main contrib non-free ## Source repositories deb-src kali main non-free contrib deb-src kali/updates main contrib non-free

After this, run this below command

apt-get update

finally run the command below

apt-get install -f

it fixes all the dependency issues. Now let us fix the run google chrome as root issue, run the following comand

leafpad /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome

and then add  –user-data-dir  to the file like this

now save the file and close it.Click on google chrome icon, nothing happens and if you run  google chrome from terminal then also it will not run and do not run show any errors. To resolve the issue  just type this command below in terminal

google-chrome –no-sandbox

Just like this

That’s it, Chrome runs fine now and you can enjoy using your favorite browser.
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