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– Veil Evasion
– MacroShop

Step 1(Installation):

First you need to install MacroShop and Veil Evasion. Let’s start with MacroShop. So if you haven’t got MacroShop installed just install it with the command:

PHP Code:
git clone https://github.com/khr0x[php]40sh/MacroShop.git

This can take a while. Meanwhile we can install Veil Evasion. So there are different ways to install Veil Evasion but I recommend the git clone one.

PHP Code:
git clone https://github.com/Veil-Framework/Veil-Evasion.git

So once we downloaded it we need to install it so type in console:

PHP Code:
cd veil-Evasion/
PHP Code:
bash setup/setup.sh -s

Now you need to wait.

Step 2(Creating the payload):

So once we installed everything we can get into hacking. First we need to create our payload. Let’s start Veil-Evasion:

PHP Code:

Now a message will apear in console which is asking you if you want to install veil-evasion just type in ‘Y’ and wait.
Once installed we will set out payload. I would recommend you using Reverse_Https but you can also use Reverse_TCP. I will use Rev_Https so type in console:

PHP Code:

If you are wondering why I am typing in 21, I do it because it is the number of the Payload which I want to use(Powershell/meterpreter/rev_https). Now we need to change the settings. Just set the LHOST(the IP you want to connect to), LPORT(the Port you want to connect to) and Proxy(you do not need it).
You can do this just like this:

PHP Code:
PHP Code:
set LPORT 1337

Now we can create it, so type in:

PHP Code:

Now you are asked to type in a name, that is just the name of the file-
You just created the payload.

Step 3(Setting up Macros):

Now we need to ‘convert’ our payload into a macro, so that we are able to use it. To do this we use the Programm MacroShop:

PHP Code:
python macro_safe.py <PAYLOAD_PATH> <OUTPUTNAME_AS_TXT>

The standard path of the payload is ‘var/lib/veil-evasion/output/source/filename.bat’.
Now we successfully converted it to a macro.

Step 4(Finishing everything):

So we got an macro but what now?
Now open Excel and go to the developer tab. If you haven’t got an developer tab you can enable it in the settings. At the Developer tab click on Visual Basic. Once Visual Basic opened double-click on ThisWorkbook and paste in the whole text from your macro file we created in Step 3. Now you can save your Excel-File but DO NOT FORGET to select Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook as type. Now you just need to set up a Handler and wait for your victim to open the Excel Document.

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