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Today I will be showing you a Flawless method of obtaining Skype IP Addresses using Wireshark. No more need for Resolvers. This method is fool-proof.

Programs Needed





      Windows Operating System

Step 1

Launch Skype and go to your settings:
Take note of the “Port” as this is what we need to remember “Write it down wherever you like so you remember”
Notice how my port is 14414
[Image: 5WpdD.png]

Step 2

Launch Wireshark (You’ll get something that looks like this)
[Image: 5WprJ.png]

Where it says “Capture” Select your Network Adaptor, in this case i’ll be using my WIFI Card. Double Click on it and you’ll be presented with this option
[Image: 5WpwI.png]

For now we leave this screen.

Step 3

Launch “Command Prompt”

Start –> Run –> CMD
Start –> CMD

[Image: 5WpJg.png]

Type in “Ipconfig” and hit enter.
[Image: 5WpOD.png]

Where it says ipv4 Address copy this / remember it!
[Image: 5WpRv.png]

Step 4 *Nearly Done*
Head back to Wireshark and type this line into the Capture Filter Box
ip.src == (YOUR IPv4 Address) and tcp.port == (YOUR PORT || udp.port == (YOUR PORT)

This is what mine would look like:

[Image: 5Wqai.png]

Now all you have to do is call someone on skype and then there IP Address is presented to you on a plate!

Where it says “Destination” That is there IP
[Image: 5Wqe4.png]

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