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Bitcoin Cloud Mining Service Hacked; Database On Sale for Just 1 Bitcoin

Advanced Ethical Hacking Institute in Pune

Bitcoin Cloud Mining service has been hacked and its whole users database is on sale for 1 Bitcoin.

The unknown hackers have successfully taken full control of the website’s server and defaced the homepage of the website.


Users visiting the website are greeted with a defaced homepage showing the partial database of […]

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SIMPLE way to see the password behind asterisks – N00b Style

Advanced Ethical Hacking Institute in Pune

All you need to do is highlight and right click the password field of the target page, and click “Inspect Element”.

For something like Facebook, here’s how it would look:


<input type=”password” class=”inputtext” name=”pass” id=”pass” tabindex=”2″>

Now change the type=”password” to type=”text”

And there you have it!

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Infecting People on LAN/WAN without sending any files!

Advanced Ethical Hacking Institute in Pune

My favourite program by far is SET (which stands for social engineering toolkit). It’s super easy to use, and gives magnificent results.

There are multiple methods of using SET. The one I will explain to you is my favourite. Basically it will copy a website and make it so that when anyone […]

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WinRAR Extension Spoof

Advanced Ethical Hacking Institute in Pune

Hey guys,
Today I am going to briefly show you a neat little exploit that is available in WinRAR, version 4.20. You may or may not of heard of it, but it involves editing WinRAR’s ‘second’ filename.

– WinRAR 4.20
– A hex editor.
– A file to spoof.

– Okay, so first things first you […]

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DDos A Website Using Hping3

Advanced Ethical Hacking Institute in Pune


hping is a command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer.It supports TCP, UDP, ICMP and RAW-IP protocols.But it can be used as a powerful ddos tool.
By using hping you can do:
Quote:Firewall testing
Advanced port scanning
Network testing, using different protocols, TOS, fragmentation
Manual path MTU discovery
Advanced traceroute, under all the supported protocols
Remote OS fingerprinting
Remote uptime guessing
TCP/IP […]

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POC – How Facebook Account gets Hijacked

Advanced Ethical Hacking Institute in Pune

Step 1 – Grab the user’s email address:
This can be simply done through creating a Yahoo email account and importing contacts from your original Facebook account. To do this, simply create a Yahoo account, login to it, click the large “IMPORT CONTACTS” button and select Facebook.

Step 2 – Finding the user’s […]

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MITM attack on Windows Server 2012 R2

Advanced Ethical Hacking Institute in Pune

As discussed in CEH class when it comes to network attacks, we are constantly looking for the most recent and up-to-date attack vectors in modern network environments. With this tutorial, I’d like to go over the steps needed to become MITM of new network devices in networks with the most up-to-date […]

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Advanced Ethical Hacking Institute in Pune

Creating a document that will download your executable application and executing it isn’t as difficult as you think it is. If you follow this tutorial and use the resources given to you, I have the highest hope that by the end you’ll have a document that will do just that.

Necessary Resources

Please […]

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Coding TCP Bind Shell in Linux ASM

Advanced Ethical Hacking Institute in Pune


Now, to all those who are LEARNING ASM, please do not be intimidated by this. This may look advanced due to its shear length, but I assure you it’s fairly simple. ASM files are MUCH longer as it is the lowest level language and there are a lot more commands needed […]

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Metasploit: Simple way to collect email addresses through metasploit

Advanced Ethical Hacking Institute in Pune

As discussed in CEH.

Here is a very easy tutorial on how to collect email addresses with metasploit.

1)First thing to do is open a msfconsole and type

search gather

2) Type

use gather/search_email_collector

3) Now you need to set the domain you can use what you want eg, for this tutorial we will use

set domain […]

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